Pre Course Reading for CALD 9

eCALD Supplementary Resources

You can download the Pre Course Reading PDF resource here which include the following information:

  • CALD Assessment Tool (this is a summary of the questions discussed under the CALD Assessment Tool section.
  • Culture Bound Syndromes Table - provides a range of courses and resources for health providers to develop CALD cultural competencies. You will also find information about culture-specific, interpreting and translation services as well as translated resources that could be useful for your CALD clients/patients.

Online Supplementary Resources: Working in a Mental Health Context with CALD Clients

The following two supplementary resources are available to learners who have completed the CALD 9 course:

These resources offer additional and culture-specific information that applies to mental health assessment and intervention is provided in the resources. Topics include the following:

  • Cultural demographics
  • Re-cap on aspects of religious issues that impact on mental health
  • Traditional cultural and family values
  • Assessment guidelines for working with adults
  • Assessment guidelines for working with children and the elderly
  • Explanatory models of illness as relevant to the cultural groups
  • Appropriate and applicable treatment modalities and interventions
  • Special issues when working with the respective cultures in mental health
  • Refugee issues with specific groups eg children

NB: You can access these resources from your eCALD user account.

Additional supplementary resources can be downloaded from