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About the CALD Assessment Tool

The CALD Assessment Tool comprises a series of questions designed to help you to elicit cultural information for assessment and eventual diagnosis and treatment. The tool aligns with parts A, B and C of the DSM V “Outline for Cultural Formulation -1” (APA, 2013, p. 749-750). This tool is divided into the three corresponding sections for Part 1 of the APA (2013a) cultural formulation tool.

To begin CLICK one of the area below for example "Language". For each area think about questions you would ask and enter them in the space provided. When you click CONTINUE, we will offer questions from the Tool. Please note that a summary of the questions discussed here is available under the Resources section called "The CALD Assessment Tool".

When conducting a cultural assessment it is important to begin with a preamble about the service, an explanation of the clinician’s role and some social conversation in order to set the client at ease. The order of the CALD Assessment Tool questions can change in each section and not all the questions will be necessary with each client. Also adjust your questioning style to suit the client or family, their age, education levels and language proficiency.