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In this section, we discuss the Guidelines for Formulation from the DSM V:

  1. Cultural identity of the individual – we look at how to explore the cultural identity of the individual.
  2. Cultural explanations of the individual’s Illness – we look at how important the client’s explanation of their illness is, how to establish this and common models of explanation.
  3. Cultural factors related to the psychosocial environment and levels of functioning – we look at cultural social stressors, supports and levels of functioning, and the role of religion and family networks.
  4. Cultural elements of the relationship between client and clinician – we explore the difference in culture and status between the client and clinician, and the challenges that these differences may have in diagnosis and treatment. This includes being aware of issues such as transference, counter-transference, the common factors framework and the clinician’s own cultural background and preferences.
  5. Overall cultural assessment for diagnosis and care – we discuss how cultural considerations influence comprehensive diagnosis and care. This includes therapeutic intervention and a holistic treatment plan.